The Phoenix Rising Music Scene ft. Reagan Capaci x Bodie

That headline might be a little misleading. The music scene in Phoenix has been around for years, but the testament from locals has been that the community has been harder to establish because of how spread out the valley is. That goes for the culture at large, which naturally would have its toll on individual aspects of the culture, such as its music scene.

That said, in recent years that all seems to be change with the density of Phoenix's downtown sector—and its overall population, for that matter— increasing more and more. Not only do major artists like Drake and Kendrick Lamar make Phoenix a stop on their nationwide tours, but the local acts themselves make Phoenix music and culture pop.

I love the music scene; not necessarily because I love being at the concert—I thoroughly enjoy that; don't get me wrong—but more so because I love documenting the energy that artists create with the people that come to support them. There's something other-worldly about that kind of connection, and it's one of my favorite things to photograph.

Last week, my good friend, Reagan Capaci—a local singer/songwriter—opened for Bodie, another local performer, which was confirmation of everything I think about Phoenix culture in general and music in particular.

It's all on the rise.