Ascend PHX

There's something about swaggy, young dudes doing great work for the kingdom and the community. Enter Isaiah Gomez and Andre Wright. They're the type of guys everyone wants to be around, and they use that popularity to rally people around the stuff that matters. Case in point, Ascend Phoenix

Dre and Zaye (I know, right?) started Ascend to walk alongside kids aging out of the foster care system. The trouble with foster care is the lack of sustained support after one's journey through the system. So when kids age out of the program, they're left with nothing to help them transition into the next stage of life. This is the hole that Andre & Isaiah look to fill with Ascend PHX. They started it to give aging foster children a place to stay, stabilize and sustain a community to walk through life together after foster care. The difference this makes in the trajectory of their lives is innumerable, and its only the beginning.

They organized a mixer today in part to announce the SUSTAIN THE 800 campaign. The campaign is intended both to raise awareness about the 800 foster children aging out of the system this year, and raise money to continue the work Ascend PHX is doing in the city, helping these kids transition, which includes providing a home for them.

It's good work. Check out the website to learn more and be a part of creating an opportunity for so many young people, who otherwise wouldn't have one.