These guys are Extra Super.

I've known Doug Penick for a number of years; about as long as I've lived in Phoenix, and I've been a fan for just as long. So when he approached me because he wanted to collaborate on a look book for his new clothing line, Extra Super Co., I was all the way down. 

We had the whole thing planned out: multi-location shoot—both indoors and out, perfectly timed during golden hour and well-coordinated on a weekend when we could get some great talent to model the apparel.

And then I got let go from my day job and went to Long Beach. See that story here.

That night, I called Doug to let him know what all happened, and we decided to shoot enough looks the next morning (mind you, I called him around 10pm) with him and his partner, Dustin, to get us by until I got back in town and we could really shoot the way we wanted to. Graciously, he agreed.

I felt pretty bad, honestly, because we had already made plans, scouted the location, talked to staff and management to get permission, and were all excited to get this thing on and poppin'. 

So that night I text a number of good friends just to see if we could organize a bigger shoot that morning and get much better content that the guys could use to promote their goods. Fortunately the homies came through, and it turned out to be a great time all-around!

Check out the looks and be sure to cop a few pieces at Phoenix Flea this weekend! And head over to the gram, and give the boys at Extra.Super. some love, if you're a Phoenix local/lover. 


They have a website now. Check 'em out!