Friends & Family Tour w/ Andy Mineo ft. Social Club Misfits x Wordsplayed

Most people know that I moved to Phoenix, AZ to run a music company with a longtime friend and mentor. Through that experience I learned almost everything I know about the music business, and I made some of the dopest friends in the process.

Last night I got to shoot them in concert, and it didn't disappoint. Andy Mineo, the Social Club Misfit Gang and Wordsplayed stopped through sun city at the newly minted, Van Buren concert venue. The place is incredible, but I forgot how the rules work for legitimate venues like these. 

I almost took an L that night because I didn't have a photo badge, but Marty FTW, getting me the creds I needed to capture this moment. Thank you fellas for stoppin' through the valley of the sun. Looking forward to next time.