Pretty chill Saturday, coming off a long week, and I planned to spend the day getting a few things done that I'd put off for too long—and I wanted to get some sleep. 

I'm a pretty avid YouTube-watcher—Casey Neistat being a regular go-to not simply for the entertainment, but the tricks in filmmaking I learn from watching the way he crafts his YouTube videos. 

Anyway, over the months I've been watching him, he's gone on and on about this electric, motorized skateboard called the Boosted Board and how awesome it is (and that he's an investor). He's got a segment on his YouTube channel called "Mail Time," and in a number of those segments he receives other electric skateboards designed to compete with the Boosted Board, upon which, Casey conducts a "side-by-side" comparison

Being the popular YouTuber he is, naturally he's got followers who have done the same thing. Sara Dietschy (rhymes with "Peachy"), is also a YouTuber I like to watch because she's also a talented creator, and I like having an idea where younger millennials are tracking these days. She's also got a couple Boosted Boards, as does so many other YouTubers.

Now it seems everyone wants a one because the verdict always comes back the same: Boosted Board. If you want an electric skateboard, get the Boosted Board.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, Kyle Brown, who works in the tech industry, funding a lot of these up-and-coming projects that change the way we live, decided to buy one. 

Verdict: It's everything people say it is.